Display of Results ( Part I)

The results of the hydrochemical calculations are presented one by one in different ways:

  1. Charge-Balance Error (C.B.E.)
  2. Overview schema
  3. Complete data tables
  4. Carbonate-Calcite System

In the following we take the example water ‘C9’.1

aqion showing charge balance error

Charge-Balance Error

The very first output is the C.B.E. – as shown on the right.

Before the next calculation, the user can select a parameter (either the pH or a chemical element) to be adjusted to achieve full charge balance. In this example, DIC will be adjusted.

aqion's overview scheme for charge-balance adjustment

Overview Scheme

The right panel displays the major changes after charge-balance adjustment and chemical equilibrium. From left to right are displayed:

In this example calcite precipitates, therefore, Output 1 and Output 2 differ in the pH and DIC.

Output Tables

In hydrochemistry, typical solutions are characterized by dozens of physico-chemical parameters. For this purpose aqion provides three tables:

Main Table. The three columns in each table refer to three solutions: Input water, Output 1 and Output 2. More information is given here.

main output table (physico-chemical parameters and elements)

Ions. Besides the main water composition (above screenshot), for each input and output water the complete aqueous speciation is displayed here:

output table for aqueous species (ions and complexes)

Minerals. The table below shows the amount of precipitation and saturation indices (SI) of relevant mineral phases:

output table for minerals (solid phases)


  1. You open it by clicking the button Open

  2. An example of aqueous speciation is given here

[last modified: 2020-12-30]