Display of Results ( Part I)

The results of the hydrochemical calculations are displayed subsequently in several form:

  1. Charge-Balance Error (C.B.E.)
  2. Overview schema
  3. Complete data tables
  4. Carbonate-Calcite System


Charge-Balance Error

The very first output is the C.B.E. – as shown on the right.

Before entering the next calculation the user is able to select a parameter (either pH or one chemical element) which will be adjusted to attain full charge balance. In this example, DIC will be adjusted.


Overview Scheme

The right panel displays the major changes after charge-balance adjustment and chemical equilibrium:

In this example calcite precipitates, therefore, ‘Output 1’ and ‘Output 2’ differ in pH and DIC.

Set of Output Tables

In hydrochemistry, typical solutions are characterized by dozens of physico-chemical parameters. For this purpose aqion provides three tables:

Main Table. The three columns in each table refer to three solutions: input water, ‘Output 1’ and ‘Output 2’. More information is given here.

aqion_c9_output_table main elements

Ions. Besides the main water composition (above screenshot), for each input and output water the complete aqueous speciation is displayed here:

aqion_c9_output_table ions

Minerals. The table below shows the amount of precipitation and saturation indices (SI) of relevant mineral phases:

aqion_c9_output_table minerals

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