aqion vs. aqion PRO

  aqion aqion PRO
Price free 37 EUR
Charge-Balance Error & Charge-Balance Adjustment yes yes
pH Calculation yes yes
Speciation & Complexation1 yes yes
Activity Models (based on Ionic Strength) yes yes
Alkalinity & Neutralizing Capacities yes yes
Acid-Base Reactions yes yes
Redox Reactions yes yes
Precipitation/Dissolution of Minerals yes yes
Addition of Chemicals yes yes
CO2 gas exchange yes yes
Calcite-Carbonate System (LSI, saturation pH, etc.) yes yes
Titration curves yes yes
Output solutions can be saved (to combine processes)2 no yes
Organic Acids and Salts3 no yes
Dosing of chemicals to attain target pH4 no yes
Export of calculated data in text files (e.g. for Excel) no yes

Upgrade from aqion to aqion PRO.


  1. An example for aqueous speciation is presented here

  2. Individual reaction steps can be linked together as shown in this example

  3. aqion PRO provides, in addition to the standard repertoire of about 300 inorganic compounds, about 100 organic acids and salts (among them: formic acid, acetic acid, lactic acid, citric acid, and oxalic acid). 

  4. Neutralization and acidification under specific conditions: with/without mineral precipitation, open/closed system, … 

[last modified: 2022-06-06]