Titration Plots

input panel for NaOH titration

With the reaction module (button Reac), reactants can be added in small steps up to a predefined final value. To do this, activate the Titration curves check box Plot titration curve.

Here is an example where 500 mM NaOH is added to the input water C1.sol.

By default, the program uses 50 reaction steps to perform this task. The results are displayed as diagrams:

NaOH titration plot

The amount of data ready for visualization is immense. The data are grouped into three main classes (selected by the middle dropdown list):

Top menu:

Mouse. Rectangular diagram areas can be enlarged/zoomed out with the mouse. By right-clicking with the mouse (a popup menu opens), the initial state can be restored.

[last modified: 2021-05-23]