Input Files

Question:  Where are the input files located?

Answer:  All input files (i.e., input waters) are located in the subfolder aqion\INP in the user’s home directory. These files have the extension “*.sol” (added automatically when saved).

Example: If you name the input water “my_water”, this file will be saved as “my_water.sol”.

Question:  How example files (water samples) are handled by the program?

Answer:  Just after installation there is no input-file directory aqion\INP (and there are no example files). The input folder will be created at the very first program start into the user’s home directory.

In quite the same way, the program generates about 20 examples (input waters). This is done at every program start anew. Why? In this way, the user is free to modify or customize each sample file; after restarting the program they reappear in their original form (fully conform to the manual).

Question:  Can I run aqion’s input files with PhreeqC?

Answer:  Yes, because the syntax of the input files used by aqion is identical with the syntax of PhreeqC.

[last modified: 2015-07-31]