Installation & Updates

Q:  How to install/deinstall aqion?

Installation. Download and save the file setup_aqion.exe. Then click on this file and follow the instructions on your screen.

(Note: You may be prompted for an administrative login on your PC.)

Deinstallation. You can remove the program by running the common uninstall procedure.

Q:  How to perform a standalone installation?

A:  The “standalone installation” by-passes Windows’ registry and runs from any directory you like, even from an USB stick. Procedure:

  1. Download aqion and install it.
  2. Go to the program folder and copy the installed folder “aqion” to any other place on your PC (but it should be outside the directory “Programs”)

  3. Open the file aqion/LIB/aq.ini with a text editor and modify the 3rd line:

    from: STANDALONE 0   to: STANDALONE 1

  4. Start aqion.exe

[Note: You can omit step 1, if aqion is already installed on your PC.]

Q:  How to handle updates?

A:  The development of the program aqion is an ongoing process with about 1-2 updates per month. You always find the newest version on the download page. The current version number is displayed at the home page to the right of the download button.

The update can be installed either into the same folder (default option) or into a new folder.

Updates of aqion are free-to-use. Both the input files/waters and the serial key (in case of aqion PRO) are unaffected during the installation or deinstallation process.

Q:  Will I loose my input waters when I update or upgrade?

A:  The upgrade (via the common installation routine) does not affect your own input files/waters. Even a deinstallation preserves aqion’s input folder. The same applies for the license key.

[last modified: 2024-05-01]