Configuration of the Mineral List

The user is able to select/unselect the minerals which should enter the equilibrium calculations. This can be done in the configuration window shown below. (The config window opens by click on Settings in the upper menu bar of the main window.)


The table contains about 260 minerals. However, only the minerals that are marked in the left box (“activated mineral phases”) are included in the calculations. The example above shows the standard setting (more precisely: only a section of it).

Only the “activated mineral phases” can dissolve and precipitate; they are available in the mineral panel of the input window.

Control Elements


sort Sorts the minerals in alphabetical order.
save changes permanently The user-modified configuration remains and keeps valid after program exit.1


? Online Help (also F1).
Reset Reset to default configuration.
Save Saves the current setting until the program is closed.1
Back Closes the window.

Program Updates

In case of a program update, the user’s “permanently-saved” configuration is automatically reset to the new default. [This is necessary because the mineral list is often extended and/or modified from version to version.]


  1. All changes can be undone at any time with the reset button.  2

[last modified: 2020-08-09]