Display of Results (Part II)

The Carbonate-Calcite System

The main parameters of the carbonate-calcite system are displayed in two combined panels:

  • left: Calculated buffer capacities ( ANC, BNC, alkalinity, water hardness, carbonate speciation, and CO2 partial pressure

  • right: Parameters of the calcite-carbonate system: Langelier Saturation Index (LSI), CCPP, saturation pH, “free” and “bound” CO2, and other


Titration Plots

Here the name “titration plot” refers to any successive addition of chemicals. The plots below display the addition of NaOH to the example water “C9”, i.e. the changes of ion concentrations (first diagram) and mineral parameters (second diagram) as a function of pH.

aqion_c9 titration plot: ion concentration as function of pH

aqion_c9 titration plot: mineral parameters as function of pH

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[last modified: 2018-03-26]